IT Strategy and Organizational Design

Information systems are a strategic and differentiating tool for enhancing performance and creating added-value to companies operating in a constantly evolving competitive economic environment. Information systems are seen as value-generating assets based on the definition of an IT strategy in line with business strategy, the industrial management of technological innovation, and rational, secure and sustainable investments.

Abacus First Solutions LLC provides creative solutions that maximize returns on your enterprise application investments. Our solutions address our clients’ most difficult business challenges while reducing operating costs, improving service levels, reducing business risks, defining performance and accountability, improving business focus, and minimizing distractions.

Our design solutions set the stage for significant operational savings and for simplifying your current software approaches. Our team of experts work closely with you to define clearly articulated organizational goals to guide the project. We understand what it takes to help organizations change, whether small day-to-day challenges or the large scale change of moving to a shared services environment. A key part of our philosophy and methodologies is the knowledge transfer required to ensure that you can support and maintain the system after we leave.

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With professional team, AFS offers trusted business solutions to offshore and onshore clients.


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