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Abacus First Solutions provides credible audit services to a wide range of businesses across the world. In the audit process, our auditors safeguards your business interest and confidentiality, and remain in close nexus with you to produce best satisfactory outcome. Audit quality is of essential importance for maintaining trust in the financial reporting process and the integrity of financial information.

Audit is an art of systematic and independent review and investigation on Financial Statements, Management Accounts, Management Reports, Accounting Records, Operational Reports, Revenues Reports, and Expenses Reports, etc. The result of reviewing and investigation will be reported to shareholders and other key internal stakeholders of the entity.

Audit reports sometime submit to other stakeholders like government, banks, creditors or public. The audit is classified into many different types and level of assurance according to the objectives, scopes, purposes and the procedures of how auditing is performed.

The execution of a financial statements auditing is normally in accordance with International Standards on Auditing (ISA) as well as other local auditing standards. There are many types of audit including financial audit, operational audit, statutory audit, compliance audit and so on.

We provide various audits and level of assurances:

  • Internal Audit
  • External Audit
  • Forensic Audit
  • Statutory Audit
  • Financial Audit
  • Value for Money Audit
  • Information System Audit
  • Compliance Audit
  • Taxation Audit
  • Review Financial Statements
  • Operational audit
  • Integrated Audit

Beyond the analytical and inquiry steps taken in a review, auditors also perform “search and verification” procedures. They also review internal control systems, tailor audit programs for potential risks of material misstatement and report on control weaknesses when they deliver the audit report.

Abacus First Solutions accounting and auditing services

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