Business Registration and Documentation Services

Modern business has changed dramatically over last couple of years. In the new milieu, we deliver comprehensive business consulting on a global scale to ensure that your financial and business targets are effectively met. We also help you complying registration process. Start- up companies, existing companies and entrepreneurs are all eligible to take advantage of our services.

Newly formed start-up businesses can benefit greatly from obtaining our professional consulting services. Having on-field experience, our consultants will guide you on the most suitable internal and external structure for successful operations. By obtaining our business consulting services as soon as you form your company you will commence your company operations in a fully optimized and profitable way ensuring success.

Starting a business in USA accounts for various legal, financial and tax considerations. One of specializations in this area is the documentation for registration businesses in USA. We offer invaluable services at the following steps.

Documentation for Limited Liability Company (LLC) in USA

Foundation Level: Articles of Formation or Articles of Organization
Government Level: Operating Agreement
Ownership Level: Member Certificate for each Member
Taxation Level: IRS Form SS4 – Application for Employer
Identification Number Diligence Level: Compliance of Federal Law that prohibits certain nationals

Documentation for Business Corporation in USA

Foundation Level: Certificate of Incorporation, or Articles of Incorporation
Government Level: Organizational Minutes and bylaws, optional: shareholder agreement
Ownership Level: Share Certificate for each shareholder
Taxation Level: IRS Form SS4 – Application for Employer Identification Number
Diligence Level: Compliance of Federal Law prohibits certain nationals

In addition, we also guide start-ups and new CEOs how to consult official USA authorities, where to incorporate your company, where to establish business office, how to buitd manufacturing units, and how to deal with visa and immigration documentations for your staff and employees.


Abacus First Solutions LLC Compliance is a leader in implementing unified risk management and compliance solutions to Global 2000 companies. Abacus First Solutions LLC Compliance works closely with clients to enable change that drives data transparency, increases business process efficiency, and manages risk. We apply our extensive industry knowledge, technical excellence, and global delivery expertise to help our clients build leadership positions in their markets.

AFS’s key business offerings include compliance-related advisory and process design services, technology integration and implementation, business transformation, Business Intelligence and management, and regulatory reporting services.

Our focus is on Technology Centric Compliance Reporting Solutions across the following:

  • External Reporting / Disclosure
  • Energy Compliance Reporting

Abacus First Solutions accounting and auditing services

With professional team, AFS offers trusted business solutions to offshore and onshore clients.


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