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Never worked with virtual managers before? No problem. Abacus First Solutions’ trusted services can make your business easier and smoother by providing dedicated teams of specialized virtual mangers. A virtual manager resource serves the management and maintenance of your business system remotely. Recent studies indicate that 80 percent of managers deal with dispersed teams, which may include managing people in remote locations, other countries, or in home-based offices. This modern approach rests upon the idea: “don’t work hard, learn to work smart”. This aim is accrued by decentralizing the managerial tasks of you company. You can even virtualize part of your business; for instance, department of accounting, IT, networking, communications, research-and-development, marketing, logistics, human resource management etc.

In today’s digital age, more and more companies are diverging towards cent percent virtual. This implies there is no main office to go to, and everyone in the company works remotely, usually on their own rather than in groups. Employees are often spread out across the country, and even in other countries as well. Their location is not important, as long as they have a smart-phone, customized application, and consistent access to the internet.

Irrespective of mode and size of your company, Abacus First Solutions ready to help you at optimum levels by providing remote admin, meeting, logistic and project management services so you can focus on your company's big picture and bottom line.

Benefits of Virtual Business Management

  • Overall cost savings
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Increased Profits
  • Availability of global talent
  • Access multiple markets
  • Lesser issues of dealing employees
  • Lesser number of meetings
  • Lesser number of travelling

Abacus First Solutions provides team of talented virtual mangers, who render your business into virtual system, smartly and effectively.

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With professional team, AFS offers trusted business solutions to offshore and onshore clients.


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