Virtual Management Services

VMS or Virtual Management System is new age need for 24/7 surveillance of your business assets, and human capital. Abacus First Solutions offers cost-effective consulting services of monitoring your employees’ performance, assessing workforce, and regulating human capital via VMS (virtual management services).

Why you need VMS?

Although there are countless advantages of adopting virtual management system (VMS), but performance check and security alert are the two vital points. In addition, hi-tech equipment of modern VMS enables you to search and retrieve required footage easily. New age VMS gives you an uninterrupted access of 24/7 real time recording and reporting on designated web and mobile. Finally, VMS also provides analytics of trend and useful insights of your business on daily, weekly and monthly basis. This will greatly help you in decision making, staff assessment, product evaluation, and expanding your business horizon.

VMS Analytics Features

1. Recording and Reporting opening and closing time of your business/office

2. Recording and Reporting check-in and check-out time of your employees

3. Recording and Reporting break/lunch/dinner time in your business/office

4. Recording and Reporting presence and absence of employees

5. Recording and Reporting dress code compliance of employees

6. Recording and Reporting particular section, like cashier counter

7. Recording and Reporting staff using mobile phones in working hours

8. Recording and Reporting performance and work engagement of staff

9. Recording and Reporting customers rush and peak hours trend

10. Recording and Reporting customer count and product engagement

11. Recording and Reporting threshold limit for queue management

12. Recording and Reporting flaw or break in assembly line (of manufacturing units)

13. Recording and Reporting temperature and heat-mapping (in food/restaurant business)

14. Recording and Reporting presence of wanted persons via facial detection

15. Recording and Reporting robbery, stealing, harassment and other criminal activities

16. Recording and Reporting fire, power breakdown and short-circuit in premises

17. Recording and Reporting inventory replenishment and stock mobility

18. Recording and Reporting theft or stealing attempt (in store/warehouse)

19. Recording and Reporting number of vehicles (in parking area)

20. Recording and Reporting sort-after or required vehicle number plates

Customized VMS

It is well known that the security needs and performance checks of every business are different. Some businesses need advanced functionality and multi-location cameras, while others only require a basic system to capture and record footage. We deal and cater customized needs of your business and provide robust and flexible virtual surveillance. As a result, you get focussed VMS reporting and analytics, besides having an edge on the question of competitive rates.

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